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Fantasy Baseball Leagues 2020

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Players sitting out for all of 2020 - if you drafted a player that has elected to sit out 2020, you may replace that player without losing any bid bucks in Free Agency. These players are marked "COVID". This is prior to the season starting.

H2H Leagues - there will be 2 games per week. One is your H2H match-up. The 2nd will be based on your point total for the week. The 6 teams in the top half for the week in total points gets a WIN, the 6 teams teams in the bottom half in points scored for the week will be credited with a LOSS. If the season goes as scheduled, there will be 8 regular season weeks so each team will have a record of 16 games. The first week will be a short week. There will be 2 playoff weeks which will be the final 2 weeks of the MLB season.

COVID / IL Reserve spots during the season - it has been announced that rules prevent the Major League teams from saying the IL stints are COVID-19 related even though we have seen announcements already of some players being placed on the 10 day Injured List (10 day IL) due to possible COVID concerns. Due to this, we are creating an IL Reserve. Any player placed on the IL can be moved to your Reserves and you can replace that player with an available free agent. While a player is on the Major League IL they can stay on your IL Reserve. You must activate any IL Reserve player and drop an active player within the week the player has been activated by the Major League club by Monday 1pm ET. If the player is not activated from your IL Reserve, the player will go back into Free Agency and will be available in the next Blind Bidding.

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